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Health related quality of life for monosymptomatic enuretic children and their mothers

By Y. Naitoh, A. Kawauchi, J. Soh, K. Kamoi, and T. Miki.

Journal of Urology, Volume 188, Issue 5, November 2012, Pages 1910-1914.

Editor's comments:
The quality of life for mothers with bedwetting children improves when the children become dry at night.The health-related quality of life of 139 children with nocturnal enuresis and their mothers were evaluated before and after treatment. The authors of this study conclude that nocturnal enuresis, similar to other pediatric chronic diseases, negatively affects the health-related quality of life for patients and their mothers. In addition, the impaired health-related quality of life can be improved after successful treatment of the nocturnal enuresis problem.


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Consensus Guidelines

Practical consensus guidelines for the management of enuresis. 
Evaluation and management of enuresis, a common condition, is not a priority in training programs for medical doctors (MDs), despite being a common condition.