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17th Copenhagen Symposium on Endoscopic Urological Surgery

Contact: International Conference Services ICS
Tel.: +45 3946 0500

EAU-CME accreditation is applied for

The Copenhagen Symposium on Endoscopic Urological Surgery is a recurrent event arranged by the Department of Urology, Herlev University Hospital.

27 January, 2015 – Precourse in Basic Laparoscopic Robot Assisted Surgery
28-30 January, 2015 – Symposium on Endoscopic Urological Surgery

The symposium is designed as a comprehensive and practical guide to current endoscopic urological procedures, diagnostic as well as operative. Emphases will be placed upon demonstrating state of the art procedures ranging from treatment of lower urinary tract obstruction (PVP, Holmium laser enucleation, TURP, transurethral resection, transurethral vaporisation, TUMT, stenting, TUIP etc.) to optical urethrotomy, bladder tumour resection techniques, ureteroscopic and percutaneous lithotripsy techniques, stenting techniques of the ureter, urethra, and prostate.
All procedures are video-transmitted live from the operating theatres to the grand auditorium. The audience will be able to communicate live with the surgeons.

State of the art lectures are given, including a minisymposium from the ESUT on endoscopic procedures.
Indications, contraindications, hazards and complications of the techniques will be discussed in detail in the lectures. Emphasis is also put on lasers in urology and hazards of electrosurgery.
Common urological procedures such as BPH, urethral strictures, obstructive bladder neck dysfunction, bladder cancer and benign bladder tumours, bladder stones, upper urinary tract stones, UPJ strictures, and strictures of the ureter will be reviewed.

Registration limited to 110 registrants.

PreCourse in basic robot assisted laparoscopic surgery
The SEUS 2015 will feature a one-day hands-on course for a limited number of participants.
The course focuses on introduction to robot assisted laparoscopic surgery for novices and advanced beginners, making it the ideal opportunity for young urologists to get started on robotic surgery.

The course is scheduled for the 27th of January 2015.

Organising Committee:
Jesper Rye Andersen
Lene Bigum
Henrik Jakobsen
Bjarne Kromann
Gitte Lam
Joachim Veloso
Peter Busch Østergreen


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Jan 2015

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