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16th International EAUN Meeting

Contact: Congress Consultants B.V.
Tel.: +31 26 389 1751
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The 16th International EAUN Meeting will be held from 21 to 23 March 2015 in Madrid, Spain in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary EAU Congress. The EAUN Meeting is yearly attended by more than 400 nurses from over 20 different countries, also from outside of the European Union. Around 50 nursing abstracts are yearly submitted for poster presentations.
EAUN Meeting Learning Objectives

The EAUN Meeting provides a forum for presenting original unpublished data and sharing ideas for urological innovation as well as disseminating evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance. Delegates attending the EAUN International Meeting will be able to:
Review emerging evidence, innovative techniques and scientific advances relevant to the field of urological nursing;
Review the latest data and emerging trends from studies in clinical and translational research relevant to nursing and urological care generally;
Discuss the evolving role of the EAUN in promoting higher standards of urological nursing care, urological nursing research and practice development;
Enhance their knowledge of evidence-based approaches to the management of urological disease;
Gain new knowledge on emerging diagnostic and risk-assessment strategies in the management of urological disease;
Enhance their practical knowledge and skills through educational activities, workshops and courses;
Gain exposure to new developments in evidence-informed, multi-professional urological care including medical technology, drug therapy, medical devices and new cutting edge technology through visiting the EAU Congress Exhibition ;
·         Communicate, collaborate and network with representatives of a large international audience – medical professionals, national urological societies, patient groups, medical industry and the media.

Mar 2015
Mar 2015

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