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12th Asian Congress of Urology (ACU)

The Asian Congress of Urology (ACU) is about to accomplish its quarter-century historical background. Commenced in 1990 in Fukuoka – Japan, this series of congresses have been hold every three years up to the third congress in Seoul – South Korea and then biennially until the 12th Asian Congress of Urology which is going to take place in Kish island - Iran in 2014. ACU has developed apparently during these years in terms of scientific program diversity, number of audiences, methods of presentations and also number of participants’ countries which can show the benefits this congress can provide for member and non-member colleagues.

This time ACU will take place in far south point of UAA southwest zone, where it can be available comfortably not only for the Eastern Asian audiences, but also for many West–Asian, Middle Asian and even North-African countries and Arab countries around Persian Gulf which are quite close to Iran. Meanwhile it is the last congress in this biennial series and this biggest urological meeting of Asia is planned to go on annually from 2015 on.

About the 12th ACU 2014

The 12th Asian Congress of Urology will be convening on 5-9 December 2014 in Kish Island a marvellous touristic island located in southern part of Iran, the Persian Gulf. The island is known as the Pearl of Gulf referring to its unique atmosphere and facilities. The Iranian Urological Association has the experience of holding some other scientific meetings in this Island.

As it was routine in recent UAA congresses, we are planning to have different scientific sections in this congress such as authority lectures both by Asian and non Asian speakers, oral and poster presentations, lunch education tables, Meet the experts, live surgery sessions as well as workshops and an exhibition. The most prominent features will be the participation of world well known societies and associations in 12th ACU.

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