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Advanced ACD/Labs (MS Workbook Suite with advanced IXCR features)

Anthias Consulting

In this two day advanced course you will learn the advanced tools within the ACD/Labs software.

You will be reviewing the ACD/Labs MS Workbook Suite with advanced IXCR features, along with the setting up of the software from default settings. You will build applications databases to share expert knowledge.  You will get familiarity with the use of ACD/Labs ChemSketch and MS Fragmenter programs.

The course mixes 50% presentations with 50% practical exercises using the software to get a good grasp of its capabilities.

  • You will learn the advanced features within Spectrus Processor and Spectrus DB software
  • You will learn how to set-up the software from a new install
  • You will build an applications database
  • You will learn how to operate ACD/Labs' ChemSketch
  • You will gain practical experience in using the MS Fragmenter program
  • You will learn and gain practical experience in using all parts of the ACD/Labs Spectrus Processor and DB software
  • You will learn of the benefits of using ACD/Labs software for processing GC-MS data

Who is this course for?

This course is for someone who has fundamental knowledge of GC-MS and has good basic knowledge of the software, but would like advanced training on ACD/Labs IXCR features, along with familiarity with ChemSketch and MS Fragmenter.

Dec 2015
Dec 2015

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Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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The Open University