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Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, a frequent medical condition affecting children, adolescents, and adults, can cause significant secondary psychosocial and emotional impacts on the patient and his/her family.....

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Enuresis: please, start treatment!

Enuresis treatment is recommended from the age of 6.

By Charlotte van Herzeele

Enuresis is often considered a benign problem. However, recent research demonstrates that this is far from the truth. Suffering from enuresis implies a major impact on the child and its family: practical, financial and emotional(1). Even more, there is increased comorbidity with psychological/psychiatric disorders(2). Enuresis is not just being wet at night. Children with enuresis suffer from consequences beyond the wetting problem. Treatment is mandatory from the age of 6 years.

World Bedwetting Day 2017 – Time to take action

Professor Guy Bogaert, University of Leuven, and Professor Konstantinos Kamperis, Aarhus University Hospital, talked about bedwetting in children at the 28th ESPU Congress, Barcelona April 2017.

Topics of their discussion:

  • Bedwetting: definition, prevalence, diagnosis, risk factors, prevention, and treatment
  • Recent studies: the influence of snoring and breastfeeding
  • Awareness: bedwetting as common condition, effective treatment will improve quality of life

Latest Publications


  • Enuresis: practical guidelines for primary care

    Vande Walle et al 2017

    British Journal of General Practice 22 May 2017

    Commentary by Charlotte van Herzeele
    Enuresis, or bedwetting, is a common but under-reported and under-prioritised problem affecting many children and families. Diagnostic and treatment guidelines are available but are frequently complex...

ESPU 2016 Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

  • By Konstantinos Kamperis

    The annual meeting of the European Society of Pediatric Urology was held in Barcelona Spain from April 19th to 22d. In this report we offer a synopsis of the most important new research on nocturnal enuresis presented.

ESPU Harrogate Congress 2016


World Bedwetting Day

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Consensus Guidelines

Practical consensus guidelines for the management of enuresis. 
Evaluation and management of enuresis, a common condition, is not a priority in training programs for medical doctors (MDs), despite being a common condition.